Sage Error 1628 Failed to Complete Installation

Failed to Complete InstallationSage is well know accounting software for small, start-up and medium size business organizations. Business owner runs their business with limited employee, they are not able to manage their huge accounts sections. Hence Sage will be a complete solution to manage the accounts sections. Sage is a big software which has many characteristics like, accounting management, invoice creation, inventory control with efficiency and focus to moderate your business. It is an accounting software, which is very helpful to grow your start-up business more effectively. Sage is a combination of power and productivity of trust-able desktop solution with secure online access. The account  manager can easily track their account reports.

What is Sage Error 1628 ?

While installing Sage 50, the error 1628 Failed to complete installation arises due to Microsoft .NET Framework is damaged or out of date.

Causes of Sage Error 1628

When the user is trying to install Sage 50 accounts on their system, they can encounter the error message: Error 1628 : “Failed to complete installation”. The error mostly happens due to damaged and out of date .NET framework.

Resolution of Sage Error 1628

Solution : 1

  • The user may re-install the .NET Framework on their system.
  • Insert CD > browse to Microsoft .NET Framework folder> double click on dotnetfx20.exe.

Solution : 2 

  • You may run Microsoft easy fix utility and run or download Microsoft Easy Fix.

Solution : 3 

  • Hold Windows+R and open a run box and write Regedit.
  • Click on
  • Chose File and chose
  • Now create a backup of registryand browse the H KEY-Local-machine\software\wow6432node\Microsoft\windows\current-version\uninstall
  • Chose Edit, and click on Find.
  • Write Sage50 in search box and chose Find.
  • The user need to continue the search until they find the program listed that they are trying to uninstall.
  • On the right side on window, you will see the key labeled Uninstall String,double click it and copy the
  • HoldWindows+r and write OK and close Registry Editor.
  • Hold windows+rkeys and write CMD and click on OK.
  • Right click in DOS window, and chose Paste.
  • Press Enter button and follow the screen prompt.

In case the above solutions fail to fix the issue, and the error crops up again then it is recommended to contact Sage customer support number immediately. The team comprise of highly qualified Sage experts with comprehensive experience to handle customer queries and errors. The Sage support team is prompt and responsive in providing support. Directly approach through the toll free number +1800-797-5219 that is active 24*7. On the other hand customer can contact us by live chat and mail (

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