Fix Sage Email MAPI Error: An error occurred in sending the message

Sage Email MAPI Error

Sage email MAPI error is a return code error which restricts the email with the invoice to go out. Once you try to send out the email, a message “Sage Email MAPI error : An error occurred in sending the message” appears to block your email.

In this article we will describe the causes and the solutions for the email MAPI error which prevents the email submission. You can go through the different procedures to fix the issue and in case you need further assistance just re direct to Sage 50 Support Number +1-800-797-5219.

Causes of Email MAPI Error

  • There are multiple editions of Ms Outlook installed in the system at one point of time
  • Outlook was being run as administrator and Sage was being used as ‘User’

Fixing the Sage Email MAPI Error

Solution 1 – Update the windows

  • Go to control panel and then select windows updates
  • Look for all the updates available and install them
  • Further look for Ms Office updates and install them

Solution 2 – Set programs by default

  • Log in from the administrator account
  • Select windows start and then tap programs
  • Here you will be able to set your default programs
  • Select the email which you wish to use as default from the left column
  • Set it as default and then tap ok
  • Add all your defaults and access to the program
  • Tap custom and then use the downward arrow button
  • You will locate default e-mail program, select the program which has to be used
  • Now run both your software and Sage 50
  • Verify your email address and then you can run your Sage 50 accounts

Solution 3 – Run Sage 50 as administrator

  • While you are using Sage and Outlook together, it is important that both the software are being used on the same user account i.e. administrator
  • In both the accounts use the right right to run both the software as administrator.

Sage Technical Help

Sage is one of the most widely used accounting software in the world. However, there could be some errors which might pop up due to our unforced errors. The mapping error in Sage 50 can be originated anytime anywhere and in order to take on the error you can use the above procedures. In case you still fail to correct the error you can contact Sage 50 customer support team +1-800-797-5219 and get assistance from the domain specialists. They are available 24/7 for any concern you have with the software.

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