Sage Data Service Unavailable on Machine

Sage Data Service Unavailable

Sage is a software with high productivity enabled features and highlights. However, sometimes when the Sage software is not met with certain requirements and needs, it pops up with errors and unstable environment to work upon.

In this article we will describe the unavailability of the sage data service in the system. We will discuss the causes for this error prompt and also the resolution for this issue to be fixed. In case you are unable to fix the concern, you can contact Sage 50 Support.

Causes for Sage Data Service Unavailability

  • The network connection could be corrupt or disabled
  • The domain name system is either turned off or not working
  • Mapped drive is not being used
  • The system you’re working upon is not the domain member and hence is not mapped
  • The server is not persistent

Fixing the Sage Data Service Unavailable Issue

Solution 1 – Confirm that the server has a pervasive running

  • In the server, start pervasive service
  • If the service cannot be started, uninstall the service
  • Reinstall pervasive with all the routine and standard security checks
  • The issue should be resolved with the new installation

Solution 2 – Check for permissions

  • Check for all the permissions on the server and verify them
  • Allow whatever permissions are not given

Solution 3 – Domain name system issues

  • Ping the server by name of the host
  • In case the ping fails multiple times, the network connection has been broken. You can call an it professional to fix the connection

Solution 4 – use the mapped drive letter

  • Disconnect the mapped network drive by right selecting the icon
  • Remap the drive with all the precaution and access
  • Start using the server

Solution 5 – Connect the system to the domain network

  • If the administrative system is on the domain and the workstation which receives the prompt is not, then also the error will persist
  • To connect the workstation with the host system domain, you can contact your it professional or call +1-800-797-5219

Solution 6 – Stop antivirus

  • From the network and security options select antivirus and disable it
  • Try and install the program

Sage Technical Support

Sage is an intelligent software which has been invented to fulfill the accounting needs of the business. The software is designed to keep up the company accounts and take the business ahead with its developing and reporting features. However, there are errors and situations which you face while using the software. For the network errors you can check for the solutions above. You can also seek support from our Sage support team +1-800-797-5219 who are experts of Sage and would guide you 24/7.

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