How to Successfully Transfer Sage 50 Data from One Computer to Another?

Sage 50 Data from One Computer to Another

Moving the data from one computer to another is not a complex process however, it could be lengthy and would take some important time away from you. The challenge in moving the software is that every specification of the system is meeting the requirements of the software or else it would become more complex when the errors pop up or in case the files are crashed.

In this article we will describe the ways in which you are able to move your Sage 50 software from one workstation to other. In case you find any difficulties with the software solution, you can contact Sage 50 tech Support  Number.

Transferring Data into New Computer

  • Make a backup in a storage device of the company file
  • In the new computer install Sage 50 2018
  • Store the backup into an external storage device to link it to the new computer
  • Select and open Sage 50 on the new computer
  • You’ll have to save each backup and by using this data create a new company file. Along with the data, also restore the custom forms
  • In case you are using the software on a network:
  • From the new server share the data network
  • At every system, disable the data network drive
  • On every system you’ll have to map data drive for the new Sage 50 location
  • Successfully open Sage 50 into the new system

Transferring from Server to System

  • Close all the programs including Sage 50 in the system desktop
  • On the new system create new host and data path
  • Move the companies to the new data path with the similar procedure
  • Open Sage 50 and backup each company
  • Move the backup to an external storage device
  • Copy the sage installation folder and then copy it to the removable media
  • Install updated windows and then install the software
  • Open the software and then restore each backup in the system and create a new company file

Sage 50 Technical Support – Call +1-800-797-5219

Sage 50 is an incredible software which is capable of moving the company to new heights with the new advanced features in the software. Transferring Sage 50 from one PC to another is a simplified process. You can select the option and then proceed with process. In case you find any difficulties with the procedure above you can contact our Sage 50 customer support team +1-800-797-5219 and get assistance from the experts of the domain. They are available 24/7 to help you with the software difficulties.

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