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Why Sage 100 free chat is your Helpdesk?Sage 100

While working on Sage 100, if a user faces an issue, they can instantly get in touch with the chat support team. The free chat feature of sage 100 enables a person to instantly get in touch with the Sage support team. This is free of cost as it is a free chat service provided by Sage in order to help their customers when they face some difficulty.

If you are a Sage 100 customer, you can contact us via live chat support:

  • Go to the
  • You can select the topic you need help with along with the error you are facing. You can even look for some information that may help you for your problems.
  • If the information doesn’t help or you are not satisfied with the information you received, click next.
  • Select your mode of contact, so that the sage chat support can get in touch with you.
  • You will see an option to request free chat. Click Live Chat Support. This is the simplest way to get in touch with the Sage Chat support.

A chat representative will then aid you for the problem you are facing. You just have to describe your problem or the errors you are facing while working on Sage 100. Then the Sage Expert will give you the best possible solution for your problem.

What is Sage 100?

Sage 100 is basically business management software which offers its clients who are mostly the small and medium sized business a wide range of modules which was designed to meet their needs virtually. The Sage 100 modules evolve and adapt the best possible solution for your unique business needs. It was designed to understand the need of your business for managing more and more people and process information for you.

Why we are here?

Sage 100 is an interface or a business management platform which helps in growing your company with the accounting, manufacturing, distribution, inventory management and a lot more. But there can be times when a user can face some issues which will obstruct his/her work. It may be some complicated task such as installing, updating and upgrading the software.

In that situation a person should not panic but contact the chat support team. The sage experts are sitting online 24*7 for their users to solve the query and to provide instant chat support for its customers. All you need to do is just type in your query in the dialog box of the chat and the experts will handle the rest of it.


  • Accounting and Finance
  • Distribution
  • E-commerce
  • Resource and Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Business Intelligence and Integration Tools
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Sage Inventory Advisor
  • Modernized User Interface
  • Increased personalization and security

Sage 100 Error:

There are situations, when working on sage 100 a user may face an error. The errors you many encounter are:

  • Error#12: File does not exist
  • Error#9: Database Connector problem
  • Sage 100 Error: MAS has stopped working
  • Error#65
  • Error#65
  • Printing Error

These errors often occurs when your software is not updated or due to many other factors. Sometimes it can be resolved when you uninstall and reinstall the software. You can even look for damaged data as it may also be a cause. Other factors are also there but in that situation you can get in touch with the chat support team of Sage 100.

Sometimes in this product of Sage you may encounter an error or have trouble in understanding it, so in that situation do not panic just get in touch with a Sage expert through Chat feature of Sage Estimating. We will help you in resolving your problem.


Please make sure your browser allows the pop-ups, and you have no plug-ins enabled that could prevent the Chat window from opening as it may act as a hindrance.

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*If a chat option isn’t available in your language, you can access the English-language chat 24 hours a day.

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