Fix Sage 50 Error Messages “Sage 50 cannot be started”

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The Sage 50 is an accounting software which was created by the Sage Group. But there are instances when a person might encounter some errors. The error you will receive will be

Error: Sage 50 cannot be started. Please reboot your computer or click for more information.

The error which you will receive can come in different forms such as 

  • Sage 50 Accounting cannot be started. Please try again. If still you encounter some problems then contact the customer support.
  • Unable to open the program.
  • Sage 50 cannot be started.

When Sage users come across errors like this, then they can try to resolve it by the method below or they can also contact the agilesagesupport for the customer support assistance by calling on their toll free number 1800-797-5219.


  • There are various reason which can lead to the sage 50 error. They are:
  • When the user is running the program in compatibility mode.
  • When the path data is incorrect.
  • Where there are missing files and data in the data path.
  • When you are using a damaged shortcut.
  • When the Windows User’s profile is damaged.
  • When the program files you are using are damaged.


There are a few methods to resolve this issue. You can read about them.

Method I: Uncheck the Compatibity setting

  • Right click on the sage 50 and a drop down menu will appear.
  • Go to the properties option.
  • Now click on the Compatibility tab where you have to change the settings for all the users.
  • Now look for the option “Run this program in the compatibility mode” and if it is checked, then Uncheck it.
  • Now click on the OK option.
  • You will now return to the Sage 50 shortcut Properties window.
  • Now click on the option OK again to complete this process.

Method II: Check for the data path permissions in the Sage 50

  • You can resolve this error by disabling the UAC i.e. User Account Control
  • For it, you will have to press Windows key+R.
  • Type on the “user account control settings”.
  • Click on the OK option now.
  • Now you will have to move the slider bar to Never notify option.
  • Now click on the OK option again.
  • Users will have to click on the yes option when it will be prompted.
  • Then restart the computer to complete the process.

Now even after following these two method still you are facing trouble, then you will have to contact the customer support. You can either visit their website or call on the toll free number 1800-797-5219.

What is

During the time of crisis like when you are facing trouble while working on the sage 50 software, you just have to contact the agilesagesupport. They are the alternative support agency, when your sage customer support’s server is busy and they are not available to solve your query. In that situation, agilesagesupport comes to your rescue. So to seek help from agilesagesupport, you just have to call on their toll free number 1800-797-5219. You can also visit the website for further assistance.

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